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Yayasan Konservasi Pesisir Indonesia

What is YAKOPI?

Yayasan Konservasi Pesisir Indonesia “YAKOPI” is a non-profit organization based in North Sumatra and Aceh that has worked with stakeholders at all levels on programs to conserve and restore mangrove forests.
We also work with coastal communities, academics, and the Environment and Forestry Office (DLHK) as policy makers. We encourage the preservation and conservation of existing mangroves, educate about how to restore damaged or unhealthy mangrove ecosystems, and encourage generations. to actively pay attention to local forests.
Why are we doing this? Because healthy mangroves can provide sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities (especially the poorest) and reduce their vulnerability to natural events such as hurricanes and storm surges. Mangroves also provide a number of other benefits to the world at large – including absorbing and storing more carbon than any other forest type.

Our Mission

  • Carry out conservation in coastal areas by protecting and maintaining existing coastal vegetation or plants.

  • Preserve and maintain coastal biodiversity by planting to increase the area of mangrove forests, peatlands and other coastal ecosystems in line with the Low Carbon policy.

  • Encouraging, developing and foresting small businesses by creating people’s economic institutions that utilize marine resources and coastal ecosystemssustainable.

  • Creating a prosper prosperous and creative coastal community

Our Vissi

To realize the Sustainable Development Goals or known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including handling climate change and marine ecosystems, YAKOPI sets its vision to encourage action on climate change through emission reduction by restoring and rehabilitating forests in coastal areas in fulfilling the 13th development goal, namely handling climate change. Furthermore, YAKOPI realizes coastal conservation and sustainable management of marine resources through efforts to develop, manage and foster local community businesses in exploiting the potential of coastal natural resources.

What makes YAKOPI stand out?

As a worldwide movement takes action to restore the nature in coastal areas, YAKOPI stands out as an organization that embraces the spirit of youth. YAKOPI supports youth by creating opportunities for youngsters in re-shaping their mindsets about environmental futures. Environmental futures began with a goal in mind, the youths will contribute to the conservation and restoration of the world’s coastal ecosystems. YAKOPI invites the youths to explore how to give impact on others and the environment through improving human resource capacity. YAKOPI calls the youths to be at the forefront of climate action now.