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Yayasan Konservasi Pesisir Indonesia

Benefits of Mangrove Forests for Community Economy

Mangrove forests are one of the main subjects for environmental development in Indonesia. Many social institutions engaged in the environmental sector continue to socialize the benefits of mangroves. This supports people’s awareness that mangroves are important to protect the environment. Preserving mangrove areas is a very good effort to stabilize environmental conditions and save all habitats in mangrove forests. The following are the benefits of mangroves economically:

The mangrove forest area is one of the most comfortable places for several types of living things and organisms. Several species, such as shrimp, fish and crab, are growing in mangrove forest areas. While humans need some of these living things as a source of nutrients and food ingredients that are important for health.

Mangrove trees that are widely planted in mangrove forests can be harvested like other types of plants and can be processed as alternative food. The benefits of mangrove debt for humans are useful for processing into various decorative objects or handicrafts. This effort is very important to improve the people’s economy and increase the level of the economy in certain areas.

Sources of Animal Feed

Mangrove trees can also be used as an alternative to animal feed. Mangrove trees that have been crushed and ground into animal feed powder contain excellent nutrients for the growth of livestock such as cows, goats or poultry. Nutrients such as minerals, protein and calories will improve the development of livestock. In addition, mangrove trees also contain tannins and other natural ingredients.

Tourism Area Development

The mangrove forest area can be developed into a tourist attraction. In this way, the mangrove forest will become a tourist destination from various regions and abroad. Tourism will provide a very good economic impact for the surrounding communities and the country in particular.

Maintaining Water and Air Quality

The mangrove forest area also helps humans to get clean water and fresh air. The mangrove forest area has a function to absorb all the impurities that come from human waste and ships sailing in the sea. The benefits of mangrove forests for life will absorb all types of harmful metals and make water quality cleaner. In addition, mangroves also help nature to get better and cleaner air quality.

Provide a source of firewood

Mangrove forests are very beneficial for residents who live in the area around the mangrove forest. Dry and rotting mangrove trees and wood can be used as firewood. In this way, it indirectly reduces the need for gas or fuel for a country. In addition, people around the mangrove forest can also use mangrove wood for building materials or house construction, innovation has made mangrove wood a batik dye.

 “Trees are man’s best friend on the planet. When we use trees responsibly and economically, we have one of the most valuable resources on the planet.”