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On November 3 2023, YAKOPI together with the Directorate General of Marine Management and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, carried out cooperation agreement activities related to coastal ecosystem processing and community empowerment in efforts to mitigate disasters and adapt to climate change.

This cooperation agreement activity was signed directly by  Dr. Muhammad Yusuf, S.H., Director of Coastal and Small Island Utilization, Directorate General of Marine and Marine Space Management, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and Mr. Eling Tuhono as Director of YAKOPI.

The aim of this Cooperation Agreement is to support coastal ecosystem management and empower coastal communities in disaster mitigation and climate change adaptation.
To achieve this goal requires good communication and commitment between all elements of society, both the central and regional governments, community participation, so it is hoped that the signing of this Cooperation Agreement can accelerate the creation of a sustainable environment and a prosperous society.

We hope that YAKOPI can continue to collaborate with other governments involved in managing coastal ecosystems, empowering coastal communities, and mitigating disasters and preventing climate change.

Let us get involved together "save mangroves and save coastal communities from economic downturns and loss of biodiversity in mangrove forests ".