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Yayasan Konservasi Pesisir Indonesia

The Eastern Spinach Handle, also internationally known as the White Headed-Stilt (Himantopus leucocephalus), is a migratory waterfowl known for its long, pink legs. These birds are categorized into two groups: migratory and resident. Typically originating from Australia and New Zealand. . .  read more

Uca crabs, known as fiddler crabs, are crucial in nutrient cycling within mangrove ecosystems. These tiny crustaceans are adept burrowers, creating intricate tunnel systems in the muddy substrate. As they dig and forage for food, Uca crabs mix organic matter . . .  read more
Mangrove forests in Indonesia continue to experience a decline in quality throughout the year due to changes in land use for various purposes such as agriculture, fisheries, and industry. Efforts to restore mangrove forest ecosystems have significant potential in increasing mangrove  . . .  read more
The blossoming carbon market in Indonesia isn’t just a boon for the environment; it’s also nurturing a remarkable avenue for local economic development. As the nation positions itself at the forefront of carbon trading, it opens a gateway for communities across its diverse archipelago to actively participate in this . . . read more
In commemoration of world mangrove day July 26 2023, YAKOPI together with the Kwala Gebang Village Community carried out a series of environmental activities such as planting mangroves, cleaning beaches and increasing . . .  read more

The photos above are the pictures of strong women that participate in restoration activity. They are members group of mentored by Yakopi which based in Simeulue, Aceh province. This strong women are trying to save their place where they live with planting mangroves. They also can improve their economis by cultivating the mangroves that they planted such as processing fishes into food products and its trunks can be used as a dye . . .  read more

The Simeulue Navy Base (Lana) together with the Indonesian Coastal Conservation Foundation (Yakopi) carried out mangrove patrol activities in the Teluk Dalam District, Simeulue Regency. This activity aims to look at the sustainability and growth of mangroves, as well as to prevent and protect mangroves from damage due to natural factors or due to irresponsible mischievous actions of the community. This joint patrol activity will be carried out regularly and periodically.

. . .  read more

Yakopi carried out empowerment activities in the form of “Fishery Products Processed Production Training.” Simeulue is an archipelago that has a lot of marine life, especially in mangrove restoration areas that has been planted by Yakopi, namely Serafon Village, Muara Aman Village, and Sambai Village. This program was created specifically for empowerment of women in those village. The form of training was to processed sea cucumbers into crackers. Sea cucumbers or Holothuroidea  . . . read more

Celebrating the 273rd anniversery of Langkat Regency on 9th January 2023, Yakopi and Dogang village as a mentored by Yakopi held a boat race contest that was held at Doremi River Ecotourism. Doremi River is an ecotourism . . .  read more

Hari Konservasi Alam Nasional (National Nature Conservation Day) is celebrated every year on 10 August. HKAN was held to commemorate the importance of nature conservation for Indonesian people . . .  read more

Earth is the only habitable planet in the universe known to harbor life and a home to millions of species. As the only habitable planet in the solar system, it is more than just about air, water, distance from the sun and earth is the only  . . . read more

Hello coastal friends, currently Yakopi and coastal communities in Bogak Besar village, Serdang Bedagai sub-district are carrying out mangrove planting activities of the Api-api type, (Avicennia) . . . read more

School Visit to SMAN 1 Peukan Bada YAKOPI Goes To School The Indonesian Coastal Conservation Foundation or often called YAKOPI is an institution that cares about the conservation and restoration of mangroves in coastal areas both for . . . read more

Nursery Training in Leuge Village This activity was held on Tuesday, March 22, 2022. The mangrove nursery training was attended by 25 people consisting of a combination of 2 villages, namely Seuneubok Peusang village and Leuge village . . . read more

This activity was carried out on Saturday, April 16, 2022 guided by Mrs. Syarifah,S.Pd and Mr. Rifqi. There were 98 students that consists of 44 boys and 41 girls who participated . . . read more

Nursery Training in Cinta Raja Village This activity was held on Monday, March 21, 2022, guided by Mr. Jian and Mr. Taufik as group leaders. There were 20 people who participated in the mangrove nursery training. This training activity is divided . . .  read more

One of YAKOPI’s missions is to preserve and conserve existing mangroves, educate about how to restore damaged or unhealthy mangrove ecosystems, and encourage young people  . . . read more

Yakopi collaborates with the Central Aceh district government The Indonesian Coastal Conservation Foundation (YAKOPI) collaborates with the Central Aceh district government related to agroforestry located in Merah Mege Village . . . read more

School Visit to SMAN 1 Lhoknga YAKOPI Goes To School One of YAKOPI’s missions is to preserve and conserve existing mangroves, educate about how to restore damaged or unhealthy mangrove ecosystems, and encourage young people to  . . . read more

Climate Change Source : cdn. Climate change is already being felt in all corners of the world, including Indonesia. Indonesia, which is a tropical area, has already felt the climate change, the weather is getting hotter and more extreme . . . read more