We are a non-profit organization focused on mitigation of climate change and community empowerment by bringing ecosystem restoration particularly in coastal area and community training through natural resource utilization.
Our programs are focused on restoration, education, observation, agroforestry, human resource improvement, green growth, and biodiversity.


The photos above are the pictures of strong women that participate in restoration activity. They are members group of mentored by Yakopi which based in Simeulue, Aceh province. This strong women are trying to save their place where they live with planting mangroves. They also can improve their economis by cultivating the mangroves that they planted such as processing fishes into food products and its trunks can be used as a dye. Restoration has benefits such us maintaining the ecosystem and to increase the biodiversity on land and in water. . . read more

Do you know about Monyet ekor panjang that also known as Macaca fascicularis. Monyet ekor panjang easily can found in mangrove forest area with condition that the forest usually quite dense so it can live and breed well. Monyet ekor panjang eats fruit, insects, and small crabs that can found in mangrove forest. However, these primates have uniques habits. It like to jump and swim. The general characteristics of these monkey are grey brownish and brown reddish fur, binocular eyes, flat nose, and long tail . . . read more

Ekowisata doremi river binaan Yakopi terletak di desa Dogang, kecamatan Gebang, Kabupaten Langkat. Ekowisata ini menyediakan beberapa fasilitas seperti café terapung, kamar mandi yang bersih, mushalla, dan tempat parkir yang luas. Bagi yang suka memancing, disana juga tersedia fasilitas bagi orang yang ingin memancing. Disini juga kita akan ditemani dengan alunan musik yang diputar . . .  read more

Mangrove Forest

Mangroves play an important role in protecting the coast from storms, waves, and wind. Strong winds and seawater intrusion can be mitigated by mangrove stands, which can protect settlements, buildings, and agriculture. Mangroves have also been shown to play an important role in storm protection. Mangrove roots can bind to and stabilize mud substrates, trees can reduce wave energy and slow currents, and vegetation as a whole can trap sediment (Davies and Claridge, 1993 and Othman, 1994).