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Economic Impact of Mangrove Restoration on Community Income

Currently, restoring mangrove ecosystems is an important topic in maintaining the sustainability of coastal ecosystems. Mangrove restoration efforts not only provide great ecological benefits for marine animals and biota, but also have a positive impact on the local economy. The active participation of local communities in this project supports sustainable livelihoods in coastal areas, gives them a sense of responsibility for the mangrove ecosystem, and contributes to improving their economy.

The economic impacts of mangrove restoration include increased ecotourism opportunities. The beautiful mangrove ecosystem attracts tourists, which in turn benefits the local economy. Mangroves that grow on previously degraded land create new habitats for marine biota and phytoplankton, as well as become spawning and breeding grounds for fish, shrimp and crabs. Apart from that, the model of planting mangroves in ponds (Silvofishery) can increase the harvest yields of pond farmers and the income of local communities.

Let us get involved together "save mangroves and save coastal communities from economic downturns and loss of biodiversity in mangrove forests ".