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School Visit to SDN 056644

YAKOPI  organized a remarkable visit to SD Negeri 056644 on Pulau Sembilan. They were warmly welcomed by 50 enthusiastic students who were eager to gain a better understanding of mangroves and their vital role in the environment and the local community. The event began with a pretest, where students’ knowledge of mangroves was assessed before any instructional material was presented, allowing for a measure of their knowledge development throughout the event.

Following the pretest, the YAKOPI team delivered informative and captivating presentations on mangroves, explaining what mangroves are and their positive impacts on the ecosystem. The event continued with an engaging and educational quiz session, where students were tested to gauge their understanding after receiving the instructional material. Exciting prizes were awarded to those who answered correctly. The climax of the event involved hands-on practical experience as students had the opportunity to plant mangroves along the riverbanks. All these activities were guided by the YAKOPI team, with the hope that this visit would contribute to raising awareness about the importance of preserving and conserving the mangrove ecosystem and the coastal environment in Indonesia. YAKOPI’s presence at SD Negeri 056644 on Pulau Sembilan represents a positive step in guiding and motivating the younger generation to actively participate in environmental conservation efforts.

Mangrove is the future. It's time for the younger generation to champion the cause, protecting coastal communities and preserving biodiversity