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Yayasan Konservasi Pesisir Indonesia

Tough Women Behind the Mangrove Planting

The photos above are the pictures of strong women that participate in restoration activity. They are members group of mentored by Yakopi which based in Simeulue, Aceh province. This strong women are trying to save their place where they live with planting mangroves. They also can improve their economis by cultivating the mangroves that they planted such as processing fishes into food products and its trunks can be used as a dye. Restoration has benefits such us maintaining the ecosystem and to increase the biodiversity on land and in water. Biodiversity that has been in Mangroves area are insects, monkeys, fishes, reptiles, and tigers. Mangroves restoration is so important to prevent the damage by preserving them. Mangroves with various benefits do need to be preserved.

Especially for people who lives in coastal area. Women are the one who often directly deals with the environment such as, water issues and household waste that related to their daily activities. These strong women are carrying out mangroves restoration in order to protect the environment where they live so it will be sustain. A mother has an instinct to protect her children, by carrying out mangroves restoration in coastal area that are prone to abrasion caused by sea water she must be want to protect the area where her children live and play. Moreover women are the first educator of their children, so that they will provide the knowledge about environment which they have to protect and benefits of mangrove that they have planted. Children as the reflection of their parents will have more responsible to protect the environment and will become more familiar with mangroves.

Let us get involved together "save mangroves and save coastal communities from economic downturns and loss of biodiversity in mangrove forests ".