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Yayasan Konservasi Pesisir Indonesia

Climate Change

Source : cdn.

Climate change is already being felt in all corners of the world, including Indonesia. Indonesia, which is a tropical area, has already felt the climate change, the weather is getting hotter and more extreme.

The North Pole is also the impact of climate change, as we know, the north pole (arctic) is an area that has very cold temperatures and is covered in ice, but due to climate change, the ice in that area begins to melt. There are many different species that live in the area that also have to adapt to climate change. It is known that the highest temperature in the Arctic in 2020 reached 38 ° celsius in the Russian city area (quote from WMO).

One of the impacts of climate change is coastal areas, rising temperatures have an impact on ecosystems living in the sea, fisheries potential will also decrease, although climate change occurs slowly but will be felt.

Many things can be done to reduce climate change, such as coastal restoration (efforts to improve coastal ecosystems).


Restoration of mangroves is an alternative that can be done by groups to reduce global warming that occurs. Saving the mangrove ecosystem is the same as saving the lives of living things on land and in the ocean. Repairing and empowering mangroves has also been done by many community groups and institutions.

Yakopi is one of the institutions engaged in the conservation of mangrove restoration which has a vision to realize sustainable development goals including handling climate change and marine ecosystems.